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This Symposium had reasons: to give the paintings that Hans Kleinpoppen has performed or initiated in the course of his striking clinical occupation, and to deliver humans from a number of fields jointly who practice whole scattering experiments. Hans Kleinpoppen's paintings integrated electron and photon influence experiments which have been observed by means of reviews of entangled states - a box of present excessive curiosity.

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7. 81) directly follows. The sum of the entropic spreading measures of two incompatible observables has a lower bound, thus preventing that both are vanishing. 78). 78) for eigenvectors of A or B. 81) a better representation of incompatibility of observables A and B than is provided by the Heisenberg relation. 7 exp The analogy can be made even stronger by taking as a spreading measure the quantity instead of 30 CHAPTER 1. 81). 84) are not yet completely satisfying. It is possible that the two complete orthonormal sets and have a vector in common.

Therefore, a conclusion of this book will be that the projection postulate, at least in the form presented above, must be relegated to the realm of quantum mechanical folklore. 70) has the property of idempotency, and, therefore, is a projection. The term ‘reduction’ refers to the reduction of the uncertainty with respect to the value of observable A, expressed by the transition. The notion of projection was first mentioned by Heisenberg [15]. 24 CHAPTER 1. 6). Here we briefly mention a number of objections to the projection postulate, advanced in the past.

26) remains well-defined if A and B are two time dependent Heisenberg observables (cf. e. that they are measured on the same individual object. In order to emphasize this it is advisable to refer to such measurements as joint measurements rather than simultaneous ones. If A and B are compatible constants of the motion, then a joint measurement at different times yields the same individual measurement results as a simultaneous measurement. 1 Postulate of local commutativity Let and be two regions of four-dimensional space-time.

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